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Here at Bonny View Farm we do not just sell Butler Bed and Cannonball Engineering hay beds, we use them everyday. Bonny View Farm is a family owned operation that operates several farms and businesses, such as Fitzgerald Lumber and CSF Cattle Company.  The farm is located on over 750 acres where we farm and raise registered Angus cattle. Although our farms are only a few miles apart, the trucks installed with Butler and Cannonball hay beds save time and guard against unnecessary deterioration of our tractors.

Butler Bed and Cannonball Engineering hay bed trucks are trucks that are used year round. During the winter months, our tractors are used in insubstantial amounts because we can use the hay bed trucks to feed the cattle. Our Butler Bed and Cannonball Engineering installed hay bed trucks directly assist us in our feeding system for the cattle that utilizes both hay rings and hay bale unrolling.  In addition, the trucks get to the cattle faster giving us more time to take care of other business.

We also use the trucks installed with Butler and Cannonball beds during harvest.  The trucks installed with these beds create a more efficient harvest system.  We can get the hay out of the field faster and quickly place it for easier loading on the truck.

Simply...these are year round beds

Simply put, the trucks installed with Butler Bed and Cannonball Engineering hay beds have saved us time and money, and are used everyday, year round.

Let Bonny View Farm help save you time and money by installing a Butler or Cannonball solution that is right for you.  As an authorized dealer for Butler and Cannonball we also install the products that we sell.  From time to time or upon request we can locate trucks and install them with beds that are ready to go solution.

And, if you are looking for registered Angus, we sell them too.
We look forward to hearing from and serving you.

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About Bultler Beds

Butler Beds began as a small machine and repair shop. In the beginning, the bale beds were a product that was built in the winter when the repair business was slow. With a background in agriculture and machinery repair, Butler was able to design products that are highly functional, dependable and economical. Through great customer loyalty, Butler has grown from a small company into one of the leading bale bed manufacturing companies in the United States.

About Cannonball Products

The Cannonball bale bed has virtually unlimited applications. Cannonball has developed a new generation of bale bed that expands the capabilities of an ordinary bale bed. The Cannonball adds a patented dump feature to its high quality bed, which performs all the functions of an ordinary bale bed and offers dumping ability. A Cannonball bed will still manage all your hay handling needs, such as loading, hauling, ring feeding, unrolling, and unloading one to four round bales.